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Basefarm is a European Managed Service Provider. We create market leaders by integrating the key competencies for digital transformation – big data, cloud computing and information security, into one service offering. Our delivery model covers everything from ”idea to cable”; we provide strategic advice, implementation projects and infrastructure operations under one management and on any cloud. Basefarm was founded in 2000 and our team of 550+ top engineers and advisors are servicing global clients from our European offices and data centers in Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands and Germany.

Basefarm was top ranked in Whitelanes IT Outsourcing study Nordics 2018 and was recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in the European Cloud Computing Market 2015 for our unique methodology in application management. The unbelievable Machine Company *um, part of the Basefarm group, was named Innovator of The Year 2018 by German business magazine eins Wissen and Data Analytics.


We are digital superheroes and codesmiths, creating top notch digital productsWe are digital superheroes and codesmiths, creating top notch digital products

WeCraft Media

Being a small startup for few years really helped us understand what we want in the future and how we want to shape it. As every creative person out there, everyone in our team wants to build something we are proud of, something that will inspire others. That’s why we always look on the bright side of things - it’s full of opportunities and every challenge is a door we have to go though.

We dream of changing people’s minds and make them believe in all the good it can come from using the new technologies. Every application we build is specifically targeting solving problems for the people using it. You could say that Wecraft Media’s mission is to make the world a better place (sounds cheesy, but it’s true)


With over 25 years of experience with film and radio production as an
employee of, among other things, Bates United advertising agency, I
brought a solid portion of humility and courage when we started
Silverscreen AS in 2015. It has been very good and we have had revenue
growth every year. Silverscreen AS is based on the values ​​-
simplicity, accuracy and honesty. We focus on being able to offer
cost-effective film production from a to z.

Metro Systems Corporation

We are committed to be an excellent organization in innovation and digital technology to achieve the digital economy.

We are committed to provide Integrated service and system consulting that satisfies customers’ digital behavior in order to build an impression beyond customers’ expectation and strong relationship becoming customer loyalty.

We are committed to place “Innovative Organization” which gives the opportunity for everyone to think and share to develop the innovative thinking culture.

Helping Hotels

We provide a new innovative hotel marketing solution combined with several modern hotel systems, helping hotel owners make more profit, build long lasting guest relationships and reduce online travel agents commissions!