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Showcase your products and connect with customers in a new and unique way. Not only do you save travel expenses and time, but you also reduce your company's environmental impact. Get it today and enjoy features like:

  • Design your own virtual booth with just a few clicks
  • Group video calls and meetings
  • Live video streaming
  • Get your own showroom
  • Powerful Chat tool
  • 360 panorama & VR images
  • Upload Presentation Material and brochures
  • And many more

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Netfair is a place where sellers, exhibitors, customers, employers, job seekers and other parties meet online, with the possibility of chat rooms, teleconferences, webcasts, webinars and/or e-mail to exchange information about products, services and job vacancies. Here you can participate in various types of fairs organized by organizers all around the world.

Netfair is a virtual version of a traditional trade show or other types of events, built to completely mirror a real event and still be able to sustain the value of a physical trade show or event with all the bells and whistles. The purpose is to provide a service to customers, exhibitors, job seekers, employers, visitors or other parties so that they can exchange information about products, jobs or other related services.

Users should be able to communicate with other users to share information related to products, vacancies or other services. Professional exhibitors, recruiters or other third parties will be manning the online stands with reception, webinars, video rooms and other types of relevant functionality.


Slik ble Jobbmesse ekte ny i skyen

Jobbmesses Ledelse, investorer og kunder så profesjonalisering og industrialisering av selskapets IT -løsning som nødvendig for videre utvikling og vekst. I 2019 var tiden moden for å bli ekte ny i skyen... 

«Speed-dating» ga jobb på dagen: Bruker samme metode som Tinder

I forrige uke brukte jeg to dager på ti intervjuer. Nå gjennomførte jeg 15 interviuer på to timer - og ansatte en person på dagen, sier Kristin Elverum Tråsdahl etter...